Zero Incident Operations (ZIO)

At Diamond Offshore, the goal of achieving Zero Incident Operations (ZIO) dominates our actions anywhere in the world we operate. We are a recognized leader in safety and a premier trainer in safe and efficient rig operations around the globe.  

Protecting our people

To the people of Diamond Offshore, safety is a skill, not a set of rules stored on a computer. Like any skill, safety requires commitment, patience, practice, and careful technique to be mastered. We believe ZIO can be achieved anywhere in the world we operate. We expect every person working on Diamond Offshore installations to do what is right by making each task as safe as possible – or stop the job if it is not. Achieving ZIO means that no one gets hurts, the environment remains pristine and all equipment operates safely. Our safety leadership is exemplified in the innovations and advances we have incorporated into our culture.

Zero Incident Operations (ZIO)

"Achieving Zero Incident Operations ensures that no one gets hurt and it guarantees prosperity for our shareholders, our customers, and most importantly, our employees and their families around the world."
Marc Edwards
President & CEO


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