HSE Overview


Our safety leadership is showcased in the innovations and advances of our training programs.

Safety Programs


We emphasize exemplary performance in health, safety and environmental protection.


Diamond Offshore consistently demonstrates an overriding culture of safety in everything we do. It underscores our operations, training, innovations, processes and customer reliability.

Safety is the primary metric by which we measure our operational success, and our continuous efforts in HSE excellence are succeeding. For the past few years our total recordable incident rates have declined to record lows, which means that Diamond Offshore personnel are among the safest professionals in the industry. Several safety initiatives have contributed to these accomplishments, including our company-wide commitment to achieving Zero Incident Operations (ZIO). Achieving ZIO means that no one gets hurts, the environment remains pristine and all equipment operates safely.

HSE Innovation

We provide leadership and training for all employees in following safe operating procedures.

DODI Process

Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

Read our sustainability report.

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